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In addition to conducting regular classes, the Faculty of Law also offers an S-1 program of excellence called the International Program for Law and Shariah (IPOLS). This program offers some benefits to the students, such as the improvement in foreign language ability, the development of an international insight, adequate teaching and learning facilities, opportunities to attend lectures and addresses by guest lecturers from foreign countries, and opportunity to a join sit-in program or student exchange program abroad.

The program of excellence is part Faculty of Law's vision to produce the law graduates with good intellectual and moral qualities, and possessing the foreign language ability required in the working world. This program is designed to produce ideal law graduates who are in line with the vision and mission of the Faculty of Law, and able to respond to the developing market needs in this global era.

Joining this program, students unable to reach the required standard will follow an English language ability development program during their first year to reach the TOEFL score of 500. Then, some lecturing will be conducted in English starting in Semester 3. The experience of using English actively is expected to motivate the students to be able to communicate well in English, so that when they graduate they will be ready to face the competition in finding jobs in a very competitive global era.

Since its establishment, this program has brought positive effects for the students quality in terms of English language ability and confidence as Law students who are ready to face competition. In the last three years, the Faculty of Law's English Debate Team has been in three big competitions amongst faculties at UMY, and started preparing to seek competition experience in Yogya and at national level.

The International Program for Law and Shariah (IPOLS) was initiated four years ago by the establishment of a special class program as the embryo. Each year this program has been improved by providing qualified lecturers and initiating international cooperation. The program has had four generations, and every year the number of students joining this program increases.

One of the international standards which was established and initiated by this program is the student exchange program between the students and lecturers of the UMY Faculty of Law and Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws, International Islamic University Malaysia (FH IIU Malaysia). At the end of 2007, the Faculty of Law sent 4 students to have a one-month-exchange program at IIU Malaysia. In April 2008, the IIU Malaysia Faculty of Law sent ten students to study for a month at UMY. This student exchange program has triggered the establishment of the international academic atmosphere in the Faculty of Law environment, so that the students are continuously motivated to develop themselves.

In addition, a Lecturer Exchange Program was conducted by both institutions. In December 2007, a UMY Faculty of Law lecturer, Iwan Satriawan, S.H., MCL, delivered a public lecture on the Indonesian Legal System at Faculty of Law of IIU Malaysia; and in April 2008, two lecturers from Faculty of Law IIU Malaysia delivered public lectures in the Faculty of Law UMY, namely, Dr. Kharil Azmin Mokhtar and Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Abdul Wahab.

The international program is also enriched by the Weekly Academic Meeting Program by holding routine academic and Islamic study by the Faculty of Law UMY. In mid 2008, Mr. Mike, a muallaf from England, was invited to speak on the topic of Sharing On Religious Experience, Why I Embrace Islam?